About us

Meet our team

All your issues fix after you meet them.

    With over 15 years of experience, he is a all around fashion industry specialist.

    Production manager / Designer

    With a MBA in International Business and a 5 year experience in Export coordination, Clementine handles the business side of Clothing Line Kickoff

    Business Administration Manager
The video about ourcompany will play her soon.

Our advantages

We perform Globally

We can get you started and manufacture for you wherever you are located and even help you promote and sell all over the world

experts working for you

We will get expereinced workers on your project on every stage of the production chain and the ability to directly communicate to them .

Highly flexible

Our service cover the whole fashion spectrum, from lingerie to outerwear and accessories. including activewear and jewllery.

100% Satisfaction

No risk is taken when working with us. you are cover with many agreements like non disclosure agreement, trade insurance, and more.