How To Start Your Own Fashion Line Workshop

Have you ever thought of thought of making your very own line of clothing?

Have you ever wanted to contribute your own visions of design to the fashion world and show everyone what you’re made of?

Clothing Line Kickoff and the Meetup NYC FASHION REBELS informative seminar is designed to give you all that you need to start your clothing line from scratch.

Topics include:

• Brand name, Logo, & Style

• Brand registration, Copyright, and Trademarks

• Mission statements and setting up goals and action plans

• Distribution – getting your line in stores

• Marketing campaigns

This seminar is built not only to inform you of the above topics necessary to build or improve your existing line, but also show you how to quickly get started and build a better and more recognizable brand while keeping your costs low.

Ulrich Djite is the founder and CEO of the urban chic clothing line, The Djites.  He started the company in 2002 in his native, Cameroon, under the name of High Level Creations in response to the huge demand for his one of a kind t-shirts and embellished street wear.  He moved to NYC in 2010 to further strengthen his brand with a new vision.  His designs are currently featured at Wolf Style as well as 19 stores all over New York, 8 stores overseas, and 50 sites online.  He also designs merchandise for one of North America’s most prestigious and historic entertainment venues, Webster Hall.  His latest project, Clothing Line Kickoff, is a consulting company for fashion startups.  He has 15 years of experience navigating the fashion industry, and he wants to share with you what he has learned along the way to save you time and money.

We hope you could join us the next time for this informative event.

GREAT NEWS!  Clothing Line Kickoff is sponsoring refreshments for this event, thus eliminating the need for a cover charge!  However, space is still limited and on a first come, first serve basis.  So, please reserve early to take advantage of the sponsorship and the great space!


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